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GeoSphere-TMC offers a specialized range of geospatial services utilizing professional personnel from our office location.

Specifically, services offered include:



         Aerial Triangulation
         DEM/DTM Creation
         Topographic and Planimetric mapping
         Ortho Photo Generation
         3D City Modeling
         Golf Course Mapping
         UAV Mapping
         OrthoPhoto,Mosaicing and Cleanup



        Bare Earth Extraction/DTM (Ground & Non Ground)

        Advance Classification (Buildings,Vegetation,Waters,Power line, etc)

        Contour Generation

        DEM Generation

        Intensity Map Generation

        Ortho Photo Generation

        Mobile Mapping


Remote Sensing

        Topographic Analysis

        Image Enhancement

        Land Use/Land cover Mapping

        Supervised and Unsupervised Classification

        Forest cover monitoring

        Change detection Analysis    

        Texture analysis and Data fusion techniques

        Biodiversity characterization

        Watershed management

        Environmental impact analysis

        Slope aspect analysis

        Mining and Geology mapping

        Agricultural mapping

        Thematic Mapping

        Satellite Image Interpretation


Geographic Information Systems (GIS)



        Data Attribution

        Image Processing

        DEM/DTM Generation

        Data Format Conversion

        Parcel Mapping

        Utility Mapping

        Topographical and Geological Maps Creation

        Geo referencing and projection of digital map information.

        Vector map production from all types of images.

        Geo coding, attributing and linking databases to generated maps.

        Updating / modifying and customizing map data.

        Data Integration and Data Format Conversion

        Feature extraction and spatial analysis

        Utility / AM-FM Mapping

        Cadastral & land base mapping

        Geological Mapping



CAD Services

        GIS to CAD format conversion

        CAD to GIS format conversion

        Conversion of legacy data into digital format

        Paper to CAD conversion

        CAD drafting

        CAD cadastral / parcel mapping

        Architectural floor plans

        Image vectorization


        Hand Sketches to CAD Conversion

        Scanned Documents to CAD conversion


Mechanical CAD Services

        Jigs and fixtures 

        Part and Assembly Modeling

        3D Solid Modeling

        3D Parametric Modeling

        Mechanical Drawing Conversion

        Mechanical Paper to CAD Conversion

        Creation of Drawings and BOM

        Manufacturing Drawing from Layout


Our extensive global experience and utilization of up to date technologies means we are able to provide clients with quality services efficiently and within agreed time constraints.